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UIST 1998 Details

UIST 1998 was held from November 1-4 in San Francisco, California.

Table of Contents


Symposium Chair

Elizabeth Mynatt, XEROX PARC

Program Chair

Robert J.K. Jacob, Tufts University

TechNotes Chair

Joe Marks, MERL

Panels Chair

Ben Bederson, University of Maryland, College Park

Demos Chair

Blair MacIntyre, Columbia University

Registration Chair

Ken Fishkin, XEROX PARC


Bob Braudes, Comverse Network Systems


Ari Rapkin, Industrial Light & Magic

Student Volunteers

Richard Davis, UC Berkeley

Local Arrangements

Debby Hindus, Interval Research

Proceedings Chairs


Bill Schilit, FX Palo Alto Laboratory


Steve Cousins, Xerox PARC


Andreas Girgensohn, FX Palo Alto Laboratory

Program Committee

Ben Bederson, University of Maryland

Matt Conway, Microsoft Research

Keith Edwards, Xerox PARC

Debby Hindus, Interval Research

Scott Hudson, Carnegie-Mellon University

Hiroshi Ishii, M.I.T. Media Laboratory

James Landay, University of California, Berkeley

Jock Mackinlay, Xerox PARC

Dan Olsen, Carnegie-Mellon University

Alex Pentland, M.I.T. Media Laboratory

Nicole Yankelovich, Sun Microsystems Laboratories

Brad Vander Zanden, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

TechNotes Committee

Susanne Jul, University of Michigan

David Kurlander, Microsoft Research

Kathy Ryall, University of Virginia

Panels Committee

Gregory Abowd, Georgia Institute of Technology

Axel Kramer, Fragment Art & Research

Ramano Rao, Inxight Software Inc.

Demos Committee

Lauren Bricker, Univeristy of Washington

Matt Conway, Microsoft Research


Attendance data is not available for UIST 1998

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