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HRI 2015 Details

HRI 2015 was held from March 2–5 in Portland, OR.

Table of Contents


General Chairs

Julie A. Adams, Vanderbilt University, USA

William Smart, Oregon State University, USA

Program Chairs

Bilge Mutlu, University of Wisconsin–Madison, USA

Leila Takayama, Google[x], USA

Finance Chairs

Sonia Chernova, WPI, USA

Franz Kummert, Bielefield University, Germany

Fundraising and Exhibitions Chairs

Astrid Weiss, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Daisuke Sakamoto, University of Tokyo, Japan

Jenny Burke, Boeing Research and Technology, USA

Local Arrangements Chair

Maya Cakmak, University of Washington, USA

Geoff Hollinger, Oregon State University, USA

Publications Chairs

Laurel Riek, Notre Dame, USA

Frank Broz, University of Plymouth, UK

Publicity Chairs

Andrea Thomaz, Georgia Tech, USA

Masahiro Shiomi, ATR, Japan

Britta Wrede, Bielefield University, Germany

Registration Chairs

Jacob Crandall, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, UAE

Nathan Kirchner, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Web/Design Chairs

Design: Sonya S. Kwak, Ewha Womans University, Korea

Web: Cindy L. Bethel, Mississippi State University, USA

Demonstration Chairs

Dylan Glas, ATR, Japan

Jim Young, University of Manitoba, Canada

Late Breaking Reports Chairs

Guy Hoffman, IDC Herzlia, Israel

Manja Lohse, Twente University, The Netherlands

Panels Chairs

Mike Goodrich, Brigham Young University, USA

Ryan Calo, University of Washington, USA

Gerhard Sagerer, Bielefeld University, Germany

Video Chairs

Hirotaka Osawa, University of Tsukuba, Japan

Iolanda Leite, Yale University, USA

Workshop/Tutorial Chairs

Kai Oliver Arras, University of Freiburg, Germany

Majd Sakr, CMU, USA


Attendance data is not available for HRI 2015.


Financial data is not yet available for HRI 2015.

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