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You are here: Home About SIGCHI EC Meeting Notes EC Conference Call Notes Sep 1, 2010

EC Conference Call Notes Sep 1, 2010

EC Conference Call Notes Sep 1, 2010

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 1. Public Policy (Jonathan, or Gerrit)

    Jonathan L has been active in working with getting policy issues
    aired within SIGCHI, including at CHI 2011. We now have an active
    listserver for CHI-Policy. Public policy info has been updated on  Our input to the National Academies Report has been
    included in the ACM response. Jonathan is inviting people to join
    the International Public Policy Committee.

 2. Education (Jenny or Elizabeth)

    Update from Jenny Preece. Jenny and Elizabeth are in the process
    of recruiting a committee.  Some thoughts on role of education
    efforts in SIGCHI, such as education-oriented activities and
    events at the CHI conference. Framing... curricula or best
    practices? What might be a good approach? An invited workshop on
    the topic would be a great start.

    One issue to consider: What's the scope? Graduate, professional,

    Jenny and Elizabeth will bring a plan back to the EC for

 3. Publicity (Elizabeth)

    Elizabeth is actively recruiting a potential Adjunct Chair for

 4. Local Chapters (Gerrit)

    Gerrit is recruiting a potential Chair for Local Chapters.

 5. Small conferences (if needed - Philippe)

    No update

 6. Emma Candy Award (Gerrit)

    The SIG Governing Board has approved this, now it's being
    considered by the ACM Awards Committee.

 7. Awards Dinner 2011 (Scooter or Gerrit)

    It will be hosted by the Vancouver Convention and Visitors

 8. CMC (Scooter)

    CHI 2012 Committee finalizing Papers Chair

    Starting with CHI 2011 - *all* authors of a paper must be
    registered in PCS

    Scooter has identified some potential candidate chairs for
    2014. (Scooter's goal is to get all the CHI Conference leadership
    teams in place up through CHI 2014, so we can really concentrate
    on CHI 2015).

    CMC: Next step is for Scooter to arrange the first meeting.

9. CHI Communities (Dan)

   Update on software infrastructure development. Current contractor
   may not be the right person to do it (in his own opinion). Will
   work with ACM to see if there's another contractor they work with
   whom they think would be a better fit.

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