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EC Conference Call Notes Dec 15, 2010

EC Conference Call Notes December 15, 2010

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In attendance:

Gerrit, Scooter, Loren, Dan, (Fran), Paula, Gary, Fred, John T, Tuomo,
Elizabeth, Philippe, Jenny

1. Communities, panels, papers - John T
2. Conferences - Philippe, Scooter
3. Educational activities - Jenny, Elizabeth
4. C&C named award - Gerrit
5. Beijing Workshop - JophnK, Zhengjie
6. Public policy events at CHI 2011 - Jonathan L
7. Awards - Loren

8. Video Capture - Scooter



John Thomas

Issue: Consider the presence of "communities" (as used by the CHI
conference) at the CHI conference. This has interacted with the Panels
program -- how should they be handled? "Guaranteed" slot in the
program for the "Community X" panel (one idea) vs. encouraging
submissions from / relevant to "Community X".

  - One suggestion: role of "Communities Chairs" is not
    well-defined. Addressing this may help resolve the issues
    identified above.

  - Panels as "curated" content: this raises the more general issue of
    how we should implement "curation"?

  - Gary O -- he created the "Communities" mechanisms at CHI
    2006. They had no intent that it should lead to "guaranteed
    slots", simply a way to "rally the troops" to submit and to
    organize contributions / presentations.

  - Scooter: how to handle curation should be a CMC issue. We will


   - subcommittees worked well for CHI 2011.

   - CHI 2012 process well underway

   - Dan O will be one of the Papers Co-Chairs for CHI 2012 (recall:
     goal is to have papers chairs serve 2 year overlapping terms)

   - Proposals for conference chairs for 2014 are in preparation

   - Gerrit, Scooter, and Philippe had a site visit to Hong Kong and were very
     impressed. The visit was in conjunction with the VRST 2010 conference (which 
     is a SIGCHI sponsored conference). Gerrit, Scooter, and Philippe met the
     steering committee chair of VRST Rynson Lau, as well as other Chinese 
     researchers. They collected a short list of Chinese contacts related to the
     topics of VRST.


   - Now eight conferences with steering committees

   - Some conference issues will be discussed at the January meeting


   - Is there a problem with registrants for CHI 2011 (who are not already
     SIGCHI members) *not* being automatically enrolled as SIGCHI
     members? Scooter will take care of this.


Jenny and Elizabeth are working on identifying a student to do surveys
and interviews for the project. They have a candidate they currently
are evaluating.

4. C&C Named Award

   - Proposal has been put forward, but it did not fit the ACM  or
     SIGCHI criteria for a *named* award.

   - One possibility suggested that has worked before: a named "travel

  - Gerrit and Fran will work on this

5 Beijing Workshop

  Neither John K or Zhengjie are here to report

  Planned to occur: March 25-27

  "Development fund" for CHI 2011? Probably too late.

  Other issues with respect to developing the CHI community in China
  and east Asia more generally were discussed.

  Also note: Ubicomp will be in Beijing in September

  SIG at CHI 2011 should be held - will seek organizers

6. Jonathan L's report:

   Excellent progress with all 3 CHI 2011 public policy-related events:
   Panel on Legal issues with accessibility (done)
   SIG on changing requirements for grant funding (is now being coordinated by Janet Davis, US CHI Public Policy Chair)
   SIG on Standards and HCI (being coordinated by Arnie Lund and myself)

   The SIGCHI International Public Policy Committee is going slower. Only one new member (from the UK).
   I would like to discuss this further at the January meeting, along with some potential new ideas related to public policy.

7. Loren

   - ACM Awards - several nominations were made

   - SIGCHI Awards - committees formed for Lifetime Service and Social
     Impact. Process is underway.

8. Video Capture stations to capture presentations at CHI (and, in
   principle, some of our other conferences).

   Proposal to purchase two additional stations was approved
   unanimously by the committee.

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