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EC Conference Call Notes Sep 29, 2010

EC Conference Call Notes Sep 29, 2010

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1. BayCHI issues 

   BayCHI currently is an ACM Local Chapter (apparently). Due to some
   changes in ACM Local Chapter rules, BayCHI is exploring the
   possibility of becoming (instead) a SIGCHI Local Chapter. Gerrit
   will explore the possibilities for this transition with people from
   ACM and BayCHI.

2. SIGCHI's upcoming viability review at the next ACM Sig Governing
   Board meeting March 2011.
   Gerrit will prepare a report giving SIGCHI activities, vision,
   and plans. Some ideas:
   - Lots of adjunct chairs to address important issues
   - SIGCHI Communities
   - Proactive Award Nominations (Loren)
   - Elzabeth - collaboration with other societies, conferences, such
     as current activity at Grace Hopper

   - Reports should be ready by January

3. nomination for Athena Lectureship - possibility to propose SIGCHI

   - Elizabeth will take the lead and Loren will help out

4. Candidate for Vice Chair for local Chapters, Tuomo Kujala 
   - The committee approved, and Gerrit made the appointment

5. Location for January meeting
   - Gary is looking into options, will finalize. 

6. Sponsored Conferences and Steering Committees (Philippe)
   - Steering Committee set up for DIS

   - Goal: make sure that there is stability and continuity for our
     specialized conferences. 

   - Having a steering committee is one good way to do that.

   - Most important, perhaps, is having an established point of
     contact for each conference series. 

   - Philippe is working with specialized conferences to support them
     in figuring out mechanisms appropriate for their needs and
     identify contacts. 

   - For many conferences, contacts already have been identified:

     -          VRST chair is Rynson Lau

     -          ICMI SC chair is Fabio Pianesi

     -          CSCW SC chair Gary Olson gary.olson@UCI.EDU

     -          EICS SC chair Nick Graham

     -          DIS SC chair Kim Halskov

     -          RecSys SC chair Francesco Ricci 

     -          UIST (informal SC) Dan Olsen 

     - Philippe is preparing a description of the benefits SIGCHI
     provides to sponsored conferences
   - Ashlee reported that ACM is preparing a general statement of
     benefits and Philippe will build on that.
7. CMC Meeting (Scooter)
   - Continuing to work on scheduling a meeting. Tentatively decided
     to hold the meeting in Toronto.

     - Also proposed that a few people like Scooter, Philippe, and
       Gerrit will go to Hong Kong at the time of VRST 2010 to meet
       with local people there.

8. CHI 2011 - All authors required to be registered in PCS
   - Scooter: Seems to have gone quite well.

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